Flint floor and pedals need to go 350 mm forward to fit new...
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Model T Progress

New tail panel made for the T and fitted by Ryan with a bit of he...
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Old Timer Ford resurrected

With the guards aligned and irons repaired and adjusted to factor...
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Toyota Tuff

Bit of rust around the windscreen due to poor removal of windscre...
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Rover to Regency

Took Rover to Regency Park for vehicle check today. No problems w...
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Aston Martin, shaken, not stirred.

Aston fun Some rust evident in the frame but not too bad That's N...
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Replica D Type Jag

 Replica D Type Jag badly needed more clearance on the guard...
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Porsche Speedster

A persistently popping bonnet on the Porsche required some remedi...
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Little HRG

Enter your text here ... Bonnet to metal finish on the HRG and th...
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Maroon Dino 246 GTS

Dino no 2 is nearing completion of mechanical work Another couple...
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