Aston Martin, shaken, not stirred.

Aston fun

Some rust evident in the frame but not too bad

That's Nick carefully annealing the skins on the Aston Martin DB5 and remove unf the exterior panels

The panels for the most part are in good order Save for the boot lid and RHR quarter that we will have to make new panels for
The steel frame is another matter.
Exciting times in the panel shop

Now fitting mirrors to a Aston Martin DB6 is easy Just have to work out where to drill the hole . Then lengthen the studs in the mirrors, make spacers, make sleeves. Placing the hole is very important as it's handy to be able to see behind in both and there is reinforcing channels behind the skin but not up against them.

Aston Martin motor back together Some very interesting problems in setting timing in the cams on those engines Nice. Four liters all aluminium twin cam about 275 HP not stressed and quite tourquey ( new word maybe)

 Aston Martin DB 5 motor going together 

A few little niggles with the cam bearing caps One had been replaced and was to tight.
Time to get out the bearing blue and scraper to get the clearance just right

 Aston body needing a good bit of massaging

Some more of the Aston Martin bits ready to refit when the time comes. 

Quite extensive welding needed to repair the corrosion and cracking on the master cylinder mounts.

Aston Martin heater reassembly under way Air ducting in need of some serious repair Clutch and pressure plate replacedInlet manifolds welded 

Aston Martin coming along Electrical adjusted shockers being overhauled Neat setup four settings adjusted by rotary switch on the dash. Activated by solenoid unit mounted in the shock casting that rotates the internal valve that regulates the shock action Neat hey? Paint stripping Simple !! But smelly Radiator and oil cooler serviced and repaired Ready for paint 

All the steering and suspension components back from the blasters and then in the booth for a nice coat of Black Epoxy Primer 

What would you find in side a 55 year old Aston Martin windscreen wiper motor ? Fifty five year old grease that's wot

Yarra making great progress on the Aston Martin Soon be in bits Meanwhile Nick has been making and repairing splash shields Chrome moldings. Cleaning and repairing the Radiator recovery tank and a myriad of other tasks 

Aston cam covers sporting their hamertone Reasonably difficult to match the original which was not well done in the factory . Jimmys finish is nearly rough enough to look like factory finish

Aston Martin DB5 Making and repairing parts as the disassembly proceeds 

More progress on the DB5Engine putting up some resistance

Poor old DB5 That is some lump of a motor but not too heavy All those small components to restore are a bit daunting

Aston Martin DB 5 restoration under way. When possible best to clean polish and bag bits as they are taken off the car. Trim off to Allan Smith to work his magic

Obligatory stop at Birdwood while On The Run this weekend. 

Perhaps the sweetest car I have had the privilege to drive, English Motoring at its peak. Steering Power Sound Driveability all first-class Restoration starts tomorrow.
TR4 - Straight and true
Blue Dino 246 GTS

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