Never a dull moment.

 Supra geabox going back together while we wait for parts fo...
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FJ Shaping up.

T is finishing off the body on the FJ T is on the other side work...
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FJ fever

FJ Engine fully reconditioned and painted Door frames abrasive bl...
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More on the LAGO TALBOT

 If you look closely at the badge you will see it is Lago on...
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1918 Harley sidecar

1918 Harley sidecar we made ready to go home to owner for fitment...
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Aston Martin DB3

 On the Aston Martin DB3 project, modified pedal od pedals a...
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The Blizzard is tre kool.

 A lot of progress made on the Bentley Blizzard Concept. The...
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It's all happening

 We see some unique stuff come through our workshop as well ...
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Performing intricate surgery.

Here, our M.D. (mechanical doctor) is performing delicate surgery...
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Can you guess what this is ???

Can you guess what this is ??? Had us tricked. Tricky job we did ...
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