Little HRG

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Bonnet to metal finish on the HRG and that will make it to paint shop

Tirama is doing a great job on the new HRD rear guards OXY WELDING no less Made easy with a special Oxy lense from the USA Well not easy without practice. Love it

HRG GUARD Armando checking shape against the template 

HRG radiator shell before and after. 

With all the rest going on Armando still managed to fit theLH door skin And make and fit the RH door skin. And a beautiful job too

HRG door frames remade and the edging pieces blasted primed and glued and screwed

The skin made and seems to be about the right size and shape Armando ie on it 😊

HRG shell looking good. Now for those I'll fitting doors Have to be able to improve on them 

More progress on the HRG, Tirama and Nigel fabricating the rear panel. Great work troops.

HRG Frame joints glued and epoxy sealed all over. 

HRG making some progress extensive rework on the front guards and mountings and brackets and steelwork where they were mounted. Would have been easier to make new guards What we have to do to foster originality The bonnets were also a lot worse for wear and the LH side and top an inch or so short to align Bonnet with the string down the centre and the rad shell moved to its proper place by remaking the lower mounting for it Cowel on Monday It is past it's use by It will need another made to replace it

Nick is making progress on the little HRG. Quite a bit of rework on the front guards and mountings as it has had a long hard life. I think all the Rainsford's learned to drive in this very car. We will make new rear guards and new skins for the main body.

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