Mercedes 300 SL Roadster

The 300 SL Roadster has some serious gearbox problems caused by p...
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Aston Martin, shaken, not stirred.

More progress on the DB5Engine putting up some resistance Poor ol...
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Jaguar Airline - ready for paint

SS Airline spare wheel cover fasteners in situation. The brass ri...
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TR4 - Straight and true

 Rear of the TR4 Fitted up and true Front needs some more ma...
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Little HRG

HRG making some progress extensive rework on the front guards and...
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Spritely sprite.

Few last minute bits to fit before the Sprite goes to the paint s...
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Duck - Amphibious Jeep

Tirama has made a great job of the Amphibious Jeep front duck sec...
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FJ Ute - coming together.

Fuel tank in. Rear axle in ,brake and fuel lines fitted , brakes ...
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Firebird - Handover

Hand over day for for the Pontiac. It gives us great sense o...
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Bits and bobs

Ford GPA Front Deck neds a bit of newness added Guess wot? First ...
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