FJ Ute - coming together.

FJ floors fitted Front chrome back from platers and quarter vent ...
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Citroen DS

Citroen DS door repair Easy Cut out rust. Make up new panel secti...
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Fiat, bella macchina - final assembly starts

At last ready for another coat of copper.A few more parts fitted ...
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Little HRG

HRG radiator shell before and after.  With all the rest goin...
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Aston Martin, shaken, not stirred.

Aston Martin motor back together Some very interesting problems i...
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Maroon Dino 246 GTS

Dino gearbox is a nice piece of work Needs a few bearings to be q...
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Spritely sprite.

Errol fitting Austin Healey brake drums And lots of other bits to...
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Blue Dino 246 GTS

 Paint stripper on the other Dino so we can paint it in the ...
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Seeing double

 Seem to be breeding
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Plenty happening in the panel shop

Plenty happening in the panel shop  The HRG has the door fra...
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Plenty happening in the paint shop

 Plenty happening in the paint shop
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Italian or British? Take your pick.

 Dino or D Type cant decide Both a bit of fun to drive. The ...
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Jaguar Airline - coming together

SS Airline bumper has been straightened under the fly press and h...
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What's just rolled in?

 1913 Fiat Tipo 2 15/20hp by the looks
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Tartra ready for its test drive Roof repaired and painted. Brakes...
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Cadillac LaSalle

La Salle looking better with some bright work on the front LaSall...
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Abarth Porsche 356

In pillar seat belt mounts for the 356 Porsche The 35Six lam...
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View from the mezzanine today Eclectic would be fair to say I thi...
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Mercedes 300 SL Roadster

The 300 SL Engine standing upright Quite tall considering it...
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Duck - Amphibious Jeep

Tirama has made a great job of the Amphibious Jeep front duck sec...
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