Nice bit of relaxation stripping down and repairing lamps and win...
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Santa's Elves

The staff and I played the part of Santa's elves in delivering th...
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First vintage car I restored for a client 1928 Rugby in 1980 Me a...
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Test driving the DB5

Thanks to Noel for the artwork and the staff for their work of ar...
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Work well done

 Noel's work on the T model
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Model T Done

Done! Not too bad  Bit of tweaking on the T model gearbox an...
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Ferrari 250 GTE

Finaily sorted the new diff in the 250 GTE with help from Ja...
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Merc Magic

I spied this peeking through my garage window tonight Nice drive ...
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Flint Roadster

Found a few spare bits inside the Flint SuperchargerSeems to have...
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Aston Martin DB3 - A thing of beauty

DB3 in epoxy primer today  Into the paint shop for prep and ...
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D Type Jag

Lick of paint 
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J Van

Finish is a reflection of the care the painters invested in the J...
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Aston DB5 Progress

Last two bits to make for the DB5 I hope Under front guards And c...
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Happy days at Collingrove Hillclimb

Happy days at Collingrove Hillclimb
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Holden HK Premier

HK Prem Carby sorted and pump and fuel pickup and plugs Sweet as ...
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A Model Ford in the paint booth

 A Ford painted today As I always say. "Finish is a reflecti...
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Time well spent

Time well spent today making blanks for the sill caps ,door , B p...
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Pitman arm for racing car

Pitman arm for a racing car shortened straightened and normalized...
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Patterned Aluminium tooling for DB4, DB5 and E type Jags.

Patterned aluminium for DB 4 and BD5 Aston's and series 1 E Jags ...
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Award-winning Triumph

Noel and Cindy do it again Twelve years after the restoration A t...
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