Replica D Type Jag

 Replica D Type Jag badly needed more clearance on the guard...
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Little HRG

Enter your text here ... Bonnet to metal finish on the HRG and th...
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TR4 - Straight and true

Adam finally had some clear for the TR4A so he could finish paint...
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Aston Martin, shaken, not stirred.

Aston fun Some rust evident in the frame but not too bad That's N...
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Blue Dino 246 GTS

Serious work happening on the was yellow Dino Has had some less t...
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Maroon Dino 246 GTS

Dino no 2 is nearing completion of mechanical work Another couple...
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Porsche Speedster

A persistently popping bonnet on the Porsche required some remedi...
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MGB engine bay well prepped ready for painting and the fitment of...
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Ferrari 400 Adelaide

 Ferrari 400 Adelaide gets used and from time to gets a few ...
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HK Holden Belmont restoration

 Belmont interior dash satin grey and top in flat grey along...
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MK II Jaguar

Great job on the paint Adam has produced on the once damaged Jagu...
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Mercedes 230SL

The 230 SL repairs looking especially good thanks to Armando The ...
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Maserati Indy - ringing in the new year.

New Year. Old projects must go Rear glasses in today Front tomorr...
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Triumph TR4a

The proud owner after two years of putting the TR4a together A re...
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FJ Ute - coming together.

FJ going home Jimmy spent all of Monday till 9.00 pm cut and poli...
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Merry Xmas

 This years work all done. Not sure what to do with myself n...
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The real thing

Coca-Cola machine restored  Looks nice, keeps cold, charges ...
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Fiat, bella macchina - final assembly starts

Another very happy owner to have his pride and joy home for Chris...
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Bean Truck

Bean truck radiator top ready for the foundry to cast a new one
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Jaguar Airline - coming together

Lots of tapping and massaging on Radiator shell for the SS While ...
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