Porsche Speedster

A persistently popping bonnet on the Porsche required some remedial work on the jaws and then reassembling prior to paint and fitting

Ahh much better

103 lovely miles to the Barossa for coffee at Yaldara and on to Lobathal for lunch at the Lobathal Beirhause and a chat to Alistair about Rosies accident on the bike and his new motoring foray with the purchase of an old Altered and a rebuilt Hemi on Nitro

Back home via Greenhill
Couldnt have had a better day

Sad trip back to shop due to brake on one wheel not quite right

Good enough for inspector to take it for a test drive for one k but not good enough for me to drive it the three ks back to shop
Funny that

They have beautiful drum brakes all round 11" x1 1/2" twin leading shoes

Aluminium drums with iron lining
That does not help if the cylinders are mistakenly mounted top for bottom making them trailing rather than leading
Swapped them over on the RHF and presto
Good as gold
Booked in for reassessment Monday

Early morning wait at ID inspection station 

Maroon Dino 246 GTS

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