Flint Roadster

Found a few spare bits inside the Flint SuperchargerSeems to have upset the works Have to fix that

So after a lot of chasing around to find a set of gears for the Flint I went back to John Biddle for a study of his very old catalogue and found some that almost matched the specs
Bought a set on line from Sydney for $99.00
They are just 1/8" longer. I think my mate Mike Barber at Racetech can fix that

Flint progress

Original steering box was 1.2 turn lock to lock
Very heavy for a heavy car with the big six
Will change for on other 2 3/4 turns Should make it much better The replacement box is in good condition. Good clean and new bearings should be a treat
Making a new firewall to make an extra foot of leg room that is badly needed
Might be a bit of a trick to move the pedals forward a foot. Recon we can do
Merc Magic
Aston Martin DB3 - A thing of beauty

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