Spritely sprite.

Spritecover1 Spritely Sprite

Errol fitting Austin Healey brake drums
And lots of other bits too

Sprite on its side to receive much awaited reassembly 

Errol to the rescue

Nice Sprite Wadda ya think Darryl. ? Snicen White

All the panels are painted too and suspension , axles ,springs , Should go back together a treat

Little Sprite into the prep area to ready it for colour 

Darryl's little Sprite have had the prep wand waved over it by the blokes in the paint shop Jimmy Adam and Mark It's in epoxy primer and looking like a gem 

Few last minute bits to fit before the Sprite goes to the paint shop 

Daryls Sprite shell is back from the blasters and epoxy priming complete on all the areas we replaced panels and repaired on all but the exterior panels. 

Now for guards and bonnet and boot.

Darryl's Sprite seem to fit up Now for front fenders.

Sprite coming back together. New rails, new floors, new A pillars, cowel top, door skins, RH inner guard , sills. Bit like grandads axe.

Citroen DS
Seeing double

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