Mercedes 300 SL Roadster

Gearbox and engine in 

Fitting motor. In the silver car

Frank fitting the injector pump to the 300SL motor Ready to fit tomorrow 

The 300 SL Engine standing upright Quite tall considering it is drysumped And quite a large unit for 3 liters Interesting block casting with side plates removed from both sides the cylinders are exposed and vision between some cylinders is possible Really convenient for cleaning the coolant space. The side plates had some corrosion We abrasive blasted them and tinned them Should last another fifty years 

So I was just on the way home and spotted the 300 SL Roadster sillsCouldn't help my self More fun Just love it 

The 300SL engine has two side plated that were Quite rusty although still sound we had them abrasive blasted and Nick used his skills to great advantage and tinned the inside surface all overShould put it in good stead for the next sixty years.

The 300 SL Roadster has some serious gearbox problems caused by poor recent assembly we think.

Mercedes 230SL
Little HRG

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