Fiat, bella macchina - final assembly starts

At last ready for another coat of copper.
A few more parts fitted and the rad. shell almost ready for the platers after 30 challenging hours of tapping

Fiat I think we are building the best 509 in the world 

We are trying

After a copper coat the Fiat Radiator shell can be straightened 

Top face Three hours I've almost got the hang of it now The rest should be easy
Meanwhile Tirama has been making the battery tray
Edges are wired and the box fitted to it

Fiat 508 ready to reassemble. This is the fun bit when it all comes together and all the meticulous work on the individual components combine to make a car. Body bolted down all round.

Lots of Fiat bits in black Superb coat of deep black on the Guards Valences and Apron by Jimmy Adam meanwhile painted the luggage rack and brackets in primer for their shiny stuff to go on after a bit more rubbing 

Fiat guards and valences and front Apron in undercoat To paint a car takes about 300 hours two hundred and fifty are preparation and perhaps ten applying topcoat inside and out Not sure why they are called painters Perhaps they should be rubbers or preppers They really are hard workers Artists Turning the panels we have made or repaired into works of art 

Fiat parcel rack mounted and locking mechanisms made and fitted Little bit of blacksmithing done to make the number plate mount As Bill Dunn would say "Not like new. Better than new " 

The four bonnet sections in epoxy Looking very good Inside and out plenty of blocking and pricing and undercoating to get the colour on next week Fiat 508 runningboards covered and edged Guards & Valance panels epoxied 

Guards finished Bonnet lengths adjusted Just need a file to be spot on, radiator and engine heights adjusted. 

Now the shell to repair and ready for Nickel plating

So after cutting a pattern , marking up , cutting out , shrinking on the Ecold and ironing out the bumps on the English wheel , cutting off the excess I tacked the two halves in place while the guard was fitted to the car Then today when I was on my own a had a nice relaxing couple of hours welding in the freshly made bits Fits a treat. Very rewarding way to while away the time doing something I love 

Citroen DS
Little HRG

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