A great team working in harmony

trucking2 Stuff happens when you've got great staff.

About 18 months ago I became ill and was told I had two weeks to two years. 

So ithought it time to do some succession planning. 
Offered the staff a partnership if they were happy to share responsibility Tirama and James took the offer.
The Specialist rang seven weeks later to say they made a mistake in my favor and I had a get out of jail card so to speak.
Best thing that happened to me it turns out. With the virus about I had to lock in at home. 
So James And Tirama have taken over the reigns while I keep in regular contact. 
Henry Ford said once. Take away all I have and give me my staff and I'll do it all again.
I'm so lucky to have the wonderful staff that work so well together. 
Marque Restoration Pty Ltd look like they will be around for a long time yet.
Some of what they have done this week. 
FJ lead wiped and prepped for prime. 
SS front apron and chassis capping made and guards in epoxy and fitted bummer is also fitted to car and all edges replaced with new metal Now in paint shop.
Firebird wheels polished prepped blasted centers ready for centers to paint gold. 
FJ grill diss and of to platers Streamliner Hot Dog van ends formed 😊 Karmann windows in strips on locks in doors boot bonnet fitted and working.
Makes you smile does it not. 😊
What's that you want more
Jaguar SS1 Airline

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