Jaguar SS1 Airline

Tour of the workshop today shows the great progress on the Airlin...
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Classic Indian

Classic Indian guards had some nasty accident damage They are now...
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 While I'm locked in at home to keep safe, the Partners Jame...
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Air Stream Food Van

 One corner made for the Airstream food van in 1.2 aluminium...
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Bentley Blizzard floor panels

S1 Bentley Special "Blizzard" floor panels swaged ready to f...
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Never a dull moment.

 Supra geabox going back together while we wait for parts fo...
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FJ Shaping up.

T is finishing off the body on the FJ T is on the other side work...
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FJ fever

FJ Engine fully reconditioned and painted Door frames abrasive bl...
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More on the LAGO TALBOT

 If you look closely at the badge you will see it is Lago on...
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1918 Harley sidecar

1918 Harley sidecar we made ready to go home to owner for fitment...
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