Jaguar Airline - coming together

Lots of tapping and massaging on Radiator shell for the SS

While the crew work on assembly
Big week in front of us

Something for the SS spigot bearing AND the body is on the chassis WOW This is going to be one bute Jag 

Bit of light entertainment on the SS radiator shell 

SS Airline bumper has been straightened under the fly press and hammering on the anvil Now to grind back past the rust pits and final file up No mean feat on the spring steel bumper bar 

Then off to the platers

All the components of the Airline beautifully coated in PPG Polyurathane Acrylic Enamel by Jimmy The team in the paint shop all playing a part in the preparation which is by far the most demanding part of the paint process A really tough coating that should preserve this very rare car for another fifty years when the owners may like to bring it back for a repaint 

SS Airline spare wheel cover fasteners in situation. The brass rivets also fasten the brass inner surround

SS Airline ready for paint. Jimmy Shutzing the rear arches today. Colour approved by Malcolm. We are excited.

I've settled down after the weekend driving the Firebird Back to work and we are all excited about the Airline primed. Block it down a couple of times and ready for paint.

Great work by Nick, repairing the fuel tank on the SS Airline, after Minus Paint tanked it for a bit. 

All joints and fittings needed attention. They had a rough time over the past 85 years. Now good as new. Has been pressure tested All OK. Now for prep. Black epoxy primer and black to imitate the original black enamel finish over the " turne "steel

The devil is in the detail 

The devil is in the detail so it is said. Armando can vouch for that. These are the spate wheel cover retaining plates The original die cast in poor shape after only 85 years and most missing so we made these to replace them in stainless steel. "Not new, not like new . Better than new" Billy Dunn used to say. He would love them. Bet thes are around as long as the Cugnot Steam Car We hope so . Will make the trades people's efforts in the restoration well worth while

Airline in primer having chrome, locks, handle, windscreen fittings, glasses, rubbers, all dry fit so when it's painted. Hey presto. 

Now, what colour do we think suits it best? 
White, Rich cream, blue, fire engine red. No not red. Maybe BRG?
Bean Truck
Mercedes 300 SL Roadster

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