Mercedes 230SL

The 230 SL repairs looking especially good thanks to Armando The grey sections replace the rust The metal finished aluminium panels freed of the dents and sad attempts at repairs of the past

230 SL boot lid ready for primer 

The 230SL Back from the blasters and now that all the panel work is straight and sound is in epoxy primer. Ready to get back into the panel shop for all the patches to be replaced with new steel we have made ready.

Classics never die, but they might rust. 

230sl Rust repaired underway. It is in quite a good shape for a fifty-four-year-old car. Repair patches made as the rust removed, when these tasks are done off to the abrasive blasters at Wingfield Abrasive Blasters for a garnet blast to rid the shell of all the rust on interior floors, and inner guards, no blasting on the exterior panels bar a bit round the apertures. 

Bentley Blizzard, looking hot!
Maserati Indy - ringing in the new year.

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