Bentley Blizzard, looking hot!

 Bentley bits wadda ya recon ? Pics don't do hem justice

Jimmy applied the beautiful coats of Brooklands Sage A period colour to display the shapely form of this beautiful artwork , very apt I think 

Helen Reddy's words come to mind It's form is definitely feminine

The staff going as hard at it to get the job done this week

And this needs paint and back together too 

Bentley body stripped down to prep and paint starting with the insides 

Bentley is now re epoxied rubbed and rubbed by Jimmie and Adam and primed Won't be long till paint Thinking royal blue or burgundy might be nice or BRG perhaps 

Bentley In epoxy primer looks as good as we had hoped Fantastic It is a big Sports Tourer I'm sure it will make a big impression on all who see it. Fantastic piece of work by all the staff involved in this.

Seat belt bits fitting to frame. Bentley special substructure takings form to build the rear part of the body shell Soon for the paint shop 

Blizzard progressing Inside take assy been blasted and now in epoxy ready to refit to front of car 

Bentley rear of body insides finished Crafted from the S1 body parts Now at the blasters for a garnet treatment that will bring it back to near new. 

Have to fit the rear inner asst into the body now. 

Easy really. Trim to size. Squeeze it in. Adjust to make just right. Then abrasive blast, prime in epoxy chromate. Tack and weld around edges.
Easy ? I'll get the staff to give it a go while I help from the sideline.

Bentley special shaping up. Great lines. The back is even better. 

Great effort by the staff in the panel shop. Five-litre straight-six will push this beauty along the road with silent ease. Big valves, big cam. More to come...
MK II Jaguar
Mercedes 230SL

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