FJ Ute - coming together.

Jimmy spent all of Monday till 9.00 pm cut and polishing making sure the FJ was ready to handover yesterday Great job 

Much appreciated by the owners and me too
Granddad bought the car in 1953 from Holden's where he worked. 67 years in the same family

I'm really lucky. Today I had a ride in the latest Tesla. Drove the EH before handing it back with new engine. Drove the 300SL roadster and the GullWing then a real highlight drove the FJ UTE. WHAT A JOY Kiss when I get home very late Pizza for dinner. Ice cream and a cup of tea I am in heaven The FJ drives like a new FJ Holden and is very nice In my younger years I drove quite a few FJs Some had quite good engines Some reasonable gearboxes Some had brakes but not handbrakes as I remember None drove like this beauty After Greg at Alignment solutions waved his wand over it and we made a few adjustments all round tightened and made some adjustments and I test drive it between rounds It is quite an experience to drive an FJ as it was when new 

Allan Smith finishing off the carpets ,door trims for us after Nick fitted the hood lining He has done the seat. Can fit it tomorrow Hope this one will be home for Chrissie. Allan Smith helped us out with the trim Neat hey?

FJ floors fitted Front chrome back from platers and quarter vent windows going in

FJ Tray boards carefully clear coated by Nigel 

FJ coming together. Waiting for some chrome and trim to complete the assembly

Fuel tank in. Rear axle in ,brake and fuel lines fitted , brakes bled , recond steering box fitted, recond gearchange mechanism in and working, front end and steering all hooked up , Team has really focused this week and made great progress.

FJ Engine snoozing in its proper place. New brake lines and fuel lines going in. Pedals are in the front end was fitted with the engine as a unit from underneath.

FJ Ute I all painted and going back together. The sound /heat mat in. Next loom and tail lamps. Electrical bits and tail lamps, rear springs in and won't be long the rest.

FJUTE Colour on the insides and firewall
Satin black on the Y Frames

FJ front suspension ready to fit. New bushes King pins inner and outer pivots bearings brakes mounting rubbers. Good as new And gear box ready to paint with much the same treatment

FJ Holden Shultz under in rubberized underbody sealerThen sealed with 2K satin finish black.

The FJ Ute body shell repaired extensive rust problems fixed with new panels much of which was made in house Including chassis rails and Exterior skins and the front of tray bulkhead 

Jimmy and Marko have worked hard to bring it up to paint stage Like all great work when finished it looks like no work has been done. Or it's been done with little effort Very soon the great effort by all the staff will bear fruit

FJ new door skin Nice gaps Nice rear quarter ?Nice seat belt mountings ?

FJ Holden Setting up for inertia reel seat belt fitting in the ute. 

Some special design work and engineering involved to enable concealment of the units appropriately.
Triumph TR4a
Merry Xmas

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