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Expert Craftsmen Needed

If you are an exceptional tradesman with a love of vintage and veteran automobiles, and the opportunity to work on the sorts of masterpieces featured on this webpage sounds like a fantastic opportunity to you, we’d like to hear from you. We have ample work available for enthusiastic and talented workers with the right attitude, and if you’d like to bring your impressive set of skills to bear on vehicles worthy of your talents, and you want to learn something new about your trade every day, then Marque Restoration & Motor Repair may be the right place for you.
Browse our gallery to get a feel for the type and quality of work you’d be expected to produce, and if the thought of coming in each day to apply and refine your old-school skills on these brilliant pieces of automotive history excites and appeals to you, call Gerard to arrange a time to come in and see what we do in person.
Currently we are searching for a highly skilled painter and panel-beater. If you are capable of producing the quality results we are after, we would very much like to hear from you.

Gerard Miller
Owner and proprietor
Phone: +618 8268 7303
Fax: +618 8268 5712
5 Goodall Ave
Kilkenny S.A. 5008