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This 250 GTE has been painted, the engine has come out and a reasonable attempt to clean and detail the under bonnet and underside to get it back to the as new look.

The 250 GTE is a good looking car. A marvellous car to drive and not so far restored to make it un-driveable…

It puts a smile on the faces of the driver, passengers and the knowing observer

Update: 16 November 2012

Paint work has been completed on various bonnet and guard panels of the Morris Commercial, and we are preparing to restore the cabin.

nov26morris1 nov26morris2 nov26morris3

Work has thundered ahead on the gargantuan Amphibian GPA, which is almost ready to enter the next phase of restoration following sandblasting.

nov26amphibian1 nov26amphibian2

The Aston Martin DB2 body is being prepared for primer.


The HG Monaro has received its first bit of colour!


Update: 28 September 2012

This beautiful, polished aluminium-bodied Austin 7 Special was in the shop to have its gearbox rebuilt.

sep28austin1 sep28austin2

New door skins are being built for the Aston Martin DB2.

sep28DB24 sep28DB21 sep28DB22 sep28DB23

The HG Monaro is primed and will soon be ready for colour.


Another satisfied customer drives his pride and joy away…


…looking a fair bit nicer than when it came in:



In order to construct the complicated, two-way high-flow bonnet louvres for the Mk VI Bentley Special, sophisticated tooling was developed for the Vibro-Shear.

louvre1 louvre2 louvre3 louvre4 louvre5

With two dedicated machines for pressing louvres into panels, a growing range of dies for different shapes, and the expertise to use these tools and fabricate new dies for other shapes, Marque Restoration and Motor Repair are superbly equipped to handle difficult louvering work, quickly, efficiently and to the high standard for which we are known.

louvre6 louvre7

These tools are also used to quickly make great looking swages, such as those in the Amphibian GPA panels we fabricated.

louvre8 louvre9

If you want louvred panels, get in touch with us. We’re eager to make further use of our highly developed louvre and swage pressing abilities.

Update: 21 September 2012

The gallery for the Morris Commercial has been updated, including an interesting series of photos demonstrating lead-wiping, some highlights of which appear below.

morrissept4 morrissept1 morrissept2 morrissept3

The metal finishing and refabrication of the Aston Martin DB2 body is well into its late stages. Its gallery has also been updated.


The unique vinyl-covered body of a Mk VI Special Bentley has been painted.


These are just a few of the exciting things going on in the workshop.

Update: 17 July 2012

The body of the Morris Commercial is coming together as work progresses on fabricating the gargantuan body panels.

17julymorris3 17julymorris1 17julymorris2

Work on the aluminium body of the Aston Martin DB2 is producing steady progress.

17julydb21 17julydb22 17julydb23

Installation of the brand new, state-of-the-art spray booth is now complete, and the booth has been officially opened.

17julybooth1 17julybooth2

The Mk. I Jaguar has been clear coated within the booth; the first of many historic vehicles which will undergo the later stages of restoration using this new facility, which will allow even better, more consistent, higher-quality results in the months and years to come.


Update: 6 July 2012

The new spray booth is undergoing final adjustments, and already houses the first vehicle which will be painted in it, the No. 36 Mk. I Jaguar.

6julybooth2 6julybooth1

Refabrication of damaged sections of the Aston Martin DB2 bonnet is almost complete as the hand-crafted sections are being welded to the original bodywork.

6julydb21 6julydb22 6julydb23

Work continues on the Morris Pickup. The frame has been painted and construction and fitting up of the bodywork is underway.

6julymorris2 6julymorris1


Work on the DB2 currently being restored in the shop continues at a terrific pace.

Aston paint base 29.9.10 010

The engine ancillaries have been completely stripped and painted, repairs to a huge range of parts have been performed, and repair and refabrication of the body panels has proceeded at such a pace that the body should be complete within a fortnight. Expect to see regular updates about this impressive machine as it takes form. A selection of the photographs detailing the restoration of this vehicle can be viewed here.


This Morris Commercial utility vehicle is currently undergoing restoration in the workshop.


The wooden frame is being completely re-fabricated from seasoned hardwood, and expansive body panels are also being constructed. Progress on this vehicle will be updated as work progresses. For now you can see the frame and panels in the gallery here.