Bits and bobs

Ford GPA Front Deck neds a bit of newness added Guess wot? First ...
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FJ Ute - true blue or green.

FJ Ute I all painted and going back together. The sound /heat mat...
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Mercedes 230SL

The 230SL Back from the blasters and now that all the panel ...
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E Type Tail lamps, first class finish

David O, you will have to be happy with these tail lamp bodies.&n...
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Jaguar Airline - takeoff imminent

I've settled down after the weekend driving the Firebird Back to ...
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Firebird - Shakedown

It was a good day out in the Firebird with my favourite co-pilot,...
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Aston Martin, shaken, not stirred.

Obligatory stop at Birdwood while On The Run this weekend.  ...
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Spritely sprite.

Daryls Sprite shell is back from the blasters and epoxy priming c...
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TR4 - Straight and true

 Rear of the TR4 Fitted up and true Front needs some more ma...
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Blizzard update

 More progress on the Blizzard. Much of the original bl...
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Jaguar XF

Jaguar XF Rail repair Not our usual idea of fun but makes life in...
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Let's take the JAAAAAG

Ray was in yesterday needed a fan belt. He has had it since 1978 ...
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KITT - Alive and well.

After a couple of false starts and a test drive to check all the ...
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Cadillac LaSalle

LaSalle getting back together as the parts arrive  Beautiful...
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Lucky Phil

Sprite has rear quarter sections fitted doors stripped of skins b...
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New Ferrari project.

Followers and friends may recall we built this Ferrari on a 400 c...
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Bentley Blizzard, looking hot!

Have to fit the rear inner asst into the body now.  Easy rea...
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Line up at THE BEND

Line up of the drivers and cars at The Bend East track yesterday....
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VL Calais Station Wagon

The VL Calais station wagon is ready to go back to Craig's for hi...
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Still lots going on.

Still lots going on.  Drawings for the seat belt mountings o...
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